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Volunteer stewardship is without a doubt the most impactful aspect of MITA’s mission on the Trail. Without it, there would be no Maine Island Trail. Joining a cleanup or work day with MITA is a rewarding experience and a wonderful opportunity to experience and care for the islands along the Trail.

Did we mention that it’s fun, too? We work hard, but stay motivated by the camaraderie that develops from getting out on the Trail with other members of our community who want to make a direct positive impact. We’re excited for you to join us!

Fill out this volunteer interest form if you’d like to tell us more about how you’re willing to get involved with MITA! If you are a group interested in volunteering, please contact directly. 




MITA organizes island work projects throughout the summer season, such as trail maintenance and invasive plant removal. These are full-day events where volunteers work together on various stewardship projects that may include trail clearing, invasive plant removal, campsite maintenance, and shoreline cleanup. Projects are largely based on seasonal needs and on requests from Trail site owners. Note that conditions can be challenging and volunteers should be physically fit and comfortable climbing in and out of small skiffs and scrambling over slick, rocky shorelines.


We’re always happy to host school, camp or corporate groups looking for a meaningful and fun way to do community service as a team. Ideal group size for most projects is 3-8 people, but MITA can work with the group to make sure the project is a good fit for their size and interests. Email to discuss options!

Adopt an Island

Island Adopters volunteer to monitor a particular island (or islands), going out in their own boats when schedules allow to checkconditions, pick up debris, promote low-impact use, and report back to MITA. If you have a boat and need another reason to get out on the water, we want to talk to you!

Be a Monitor Skipper

MONITOR SKIPPERS Do you have powerboat handling experience and a desire to become deeply involved in MITA’s stewardship mission? Join a wonderful community of dedicated stewards and drive boats for scheduled in-season monitoring runs, cleanups, and other Trail work projects.

Highlight of my summer. I’ve never felt so good after a day of doing good.

-MITA Volunteer