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Explore the wild islands of the Maine Island Trail and plan adventures with ease from your mobile device. The 2017 MITA Mobile App provides boaters of all types with the resources they need to enjoy America’s first recreational water trail.

Download the 2017 MITA App

The App is free to download, and non-members can view content related to state-owned public islands and hundreds of mainland resources. To unlock an additional 150+ MITA sites, and to support the stewardship of Maine’s wild islands, become a MITA member today.





Core Features

All 218 Trail Sites

MITA members can unlock access to all 218 MITA sites including photos, hiking maps, and landing locations.

Interactive NOAA Charts

Seamless, zoomable, NOAA charts of the entire Maine coast with Trail sites & resources plotted.

Anchorage Locations

Location of and information about anchorages at more than 100 MITA sites spanning the Trail.

Tide and Sunrise/Sunset Calendars

Convenient access to tide and sunrise/sunset information throughout the year.

MITA Event Calendar

Learn about fun MITA events up and down the Maine coast and get involved with island stewardship.

Hundreds of Photos

Preview island sites, launch ramps, and mainland amenities with hundreds of descriptive photos.

Launches and Pumpouts

Trip planning simplified with convenient mainland resources plotted across the coast.

This app is not intended as a sole source for navigational information.




The Maine Island Trail Association

Your key to exploring Maine’s wild islands.

MITA is a membership organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the wild islands of coastal Maine. Founded in 1988 to administer America’s first recreational water trail, MITA has always embraced the powerfully simple idea that care of the islands could be left to the users of these treasured and fragile places.

The Maine Island Trail is a water trail spanning over 200 islands and coastal sites along the 375 miles of the coast of Maine. One third of trail sites are public, and two thirds are owned by private organizations and individuals. Site owners allow access to their properties trusting that MITA members will be responsible stewards during their visits.

The App is free for all to download, and non-members can view content related to state-owned public islands. Current MITA members receive a passcode to unlock full access to all Trail sites.

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General information:  or (207)761-8225

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