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Volunteer stewardship is at the core of MITA’s mission, and essential to the success of the Trail. MITA encourages all island visitors to be active caretakers of the places they visit. If you are interested in volunteering on the Trail, read about the opportunities below and contact MITA’s Regional Stewardship Managers at 207-761-8225 or

Island Cleanups

On Saturdays each spring and fall, MITA coordinates regional full day cleanups. Volunteers ride in our fleet of skiffs with experienced MITA skippers to clean island shorelines.  Just a single day commitment, cleanups are a great introduction to volunteering with MITA and a chance to explore islands on the Trail.

Island Work Projects & Group Work Days

MITA organizes island work projects throughout the summer season, such as trail maintenance and invasive plant removal. Sign up to be notified when volunteers are needed for work days in your region!

We’re always happy to host school, camp or corporate groups looking for a meaningful and fun way to do community service as a team.  Ideal group size for most projects is 3-8 people, but MITA can work with the group to make sure the project is a good fit for their size and interests.

Island Adopter Program

Island Adopters are volunteers who sign up to monitor a particular island, going out in their own boats as their schedules allow. They check island conditions, perform stewardship duties, and educate island visitors on usage guidelines. It’s a great fit for anyone who has a boat and is interested in stewarding the islands on their own schedule.

Monitor Skipper Program

The Monitor Skipper program is the core of MITA’s stewardship activities. Skippers are among the most dedicated volunteers and are part of a wonderful community of stewards. Skippers primarily serve as boat drivers for scheduled monitoring runs from June to September, and also drive for cleanups or other island work projects.

Prospective skippers should have previous small powerboat handling experience, and go through an apprenticeship process to be certified to use MITA 18’ Lund workboats for stewardship activities.

Events & Outreach

Outreach volunteers are MITA’s ambassadors OFF the Trail. Representing MITA at trade shows, boating events, and elsewhere, they help educate the public about the mission of the Maine Island Trail Association, benefits of MITA membership, and the importance of Leave No Trace practices and ongoing stewardship of Maine’s islands.  No prior experience necessary – a friendly persona and the ability to communicate effectively with different types of people is all you need.  To learn about outreach opportunities, please contact


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