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It’s Boat Donation Season (Always!)

As we round into spring, one of these two thoughts may be in your head:

“I really want to get on the water more this coming summer… I think it’s time to buy a boat!”, or, “Time for Spring Cleaning! I might want to start with that old canoe that’s taking up half the garage… or maybe that Chris-Craft that’s taking up half the lawn!”

Whichever category you fall in to, MITA’s boat donation program is here to help! We accept seaworthy boats of all shapes and sizes, and then sell them to benefit MITA’s programming. That means that someone gets to turn their unneeded boat into a tax-deductible donation, someone else gets the joy of a new boat in their life, and MITA gets valuable funding. Everybody wins!

Learn more here, and get in touch with Jordi if this sparks something for you!



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