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Commitment to Volunteers

Volunteerism is at the core of MITA’s mission and programmatic work on the islands. It is essential that volunteers feel safe and supported while participating in MITA events, including cleanups, monitor runs, and work days. MITA staff are committed to providing a positive volunteer experience, and welcome feedback from volunteers on areas for improvement. Any issues or concerns can be shared with staff by phone, email or in person. In return, volunteers are expected to take an active role in ensuring their own safety by adhering to guidelines and safety information provided for any given event. Volunteers are expected to follow instructions from the project leader, regardless if it is staff or a volunteer.

MITA also recognizes that volunteers represent the organization more broadly. As such, volunteers should treat all other individuals encountered during MITA events with respect, whether it is fellow volunteers, staff or the general public. If volunteers are not following safety guidelines or other established expectations, the project leader will work with the volunteer to determine improvement steps and if necessary, volunteers may be asked to discontinue their participation.