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Need to Know: MITA’s Trail Alerts Page

For the most current info on the visitation status of sites on the Maine Island Trailplease visit the Trail Alerts page before planning your trip!

As you know, the destruction from January’s storms changed the landscape of the Maine coast in dramatic ways. Unfortunately, the Maine Island Trail was not exempt from this. We have been out scouting on the islands already, and while many are undamaged, some have suffered extreme erosion, infrastructure loss, and significant tree damage that will impact visitation and camping on these sites.

The Trail Alerts page is updated frequently as MITA receives new information, and in addition to damage closures, you can also find information on wildlife closures and blackout dates. Some closures are brief, while others are longer, so check this page frequently as you make plans to travel on the Maine Island Trail.

We thank you for being prepared. If you see something yourself out there that you think MITA and its members should be aware of, please email and let us know!



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