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Spring Cleanup Signups Begin Saturday, May 4 at 9am EST

Alright, it’s just about time! We’re opening up slots for our Spring Cleanups at 9am on Saturday, May 4. You can view the calendar and sign up at, and don’t delay since these can be competitive! If you don’t end up getting a spot, then you’ll be added to a waitlist. More exciting than being on a waitlist, however, is coming out to volunteer with us before we even head out for the cleanups!

Check out our current volunteer opportunities over at We’ve got plenty of offerings for May, so if you’re anxious to get out there then we’d love to save a seat in a boat for you.

We have a big summer of work ahead of us, so any time you give as a volunteer would be so, so appreciated by MITA and all of those who use the Maine Island Trail!




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