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MITA Announces The Logbook Challenge!

We at MITA love a good contest. Particularly one where the objective is to get out to as many sites on the Maine Island Trail as possible over the course of a full summer…

So, we sat down to devise the most epic coastal adventure competition that we could think of. The result? The Logbook Challenge!

The Logbook Challenge is a competition in which you’ll be going up against your fellow MITA members (or, alongside your fellow MITA members as teammates!) in an effort to find and sign as many MITA logbooks as you can. Of course, there are a few other elements to ratchet up the excitement… all of the details can be found at mita.org/challenge for all of the details and to learn how you can get in on the action out on the Maine Island Trail.

Only have time to get to one or two islands this summer? That’s okay! We still want you to be a part of the fun, and we’ll reward you with an embroidered Logbook Challenge patch just for participating! For those of you who really want to go for it, though… there will be some serious prizes in store. Keep an eye out as we let people in on those details.

Good luck out there, and be safe! We can’t wait to read those entries…



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