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Thanks to everyone who attended Splash! this year! It was a wonderful and memorable night, and we look forward to seeing you at MITA’s next event. Keep an eye on the calendar to see what else is coming up!

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Joel Antolini and Meeghan McLain

Kathryn Bell and Janet Dooley

Roger Berle and Lesley MacVane

Stephen & Paula Birmingham

Renée & Scott Bowie

Michael Boyson & Nancy Grant

Elaine Carlson and Richard J. Perry

Deborah Claflin and Eric Marshall

Robert Dawson and Evelyn Landry

Becky Dilworth and John O’Meara

Susanna & Rich DuBois

Nancy Egan and Otey Smith

Don Endrizzi and Peggy Pennoyer

Fiona Gordon and Stuart MacNeil

Bill & Lindsay Hancock

Sally Harold and Rob Nichols

Jillian & Rodger Herrigel

Alicia & Henry Heyburn

Amy & Stephen Hutnak

Ben & Caroline Knowles

Cindy & Jon Knowles

Maureen & Tom Lafferty

Cathel & Jan Macleod

Charlotte & Dave Miller

Elizabeth & Harry Nelson

Elizabeth & Victor Otley

Jack & Jane Phillips

Katherine Pope

Tim & Vanessa Record

Caitlin & Sam Reiche

Janet Robinson

Jamey & Jeff Skaggs

Jack & Susan Thomas

Jeff & Kim True

Debra & Mark Weber