The Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) is requesting proposals from CRM Platform Consultants with specialization in the use of Salesforce by nonprofit organizations. 


MITA is a Portland-based membership organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the wild islands of coastal Maine. Founded in 1988 to administer America’s first coastal water trail, MITA embraces the powerfully simple idea that care of the islands can be left to the users of these treasured and fragile places.  Our ability to turn island users into island stewards is why islands visited by members tend to be in better shape than those left alone. MITA is a nonprofit organization tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Member Records and Island Management Information

In spring 2013, MITA migrated from an Access database to Salesforce for management of its membership records, and adopted the Land Trust Tracker app (LTT) for its island access & stewardship records. MITA currently has 40,600 total contact records, and approximately 6,500 active members. The LTT app holds records of about 650 islands and mainland sites and 22,750 stewardship activities.

MITA tracks information in contact, organization, and donation records on membership status and lifespan of annual memberships, donation and dues history, volunteer hours & activities, and other biographical information. LTT information includes stewardship hours and activities and information about properties on the Trail that MITA uses to create its annual Trail Guide.

The database includes an incomplete integration of the payment processor Brickworks-Aura that is not currently utilized.

MITA has a staff of 8 full-time employees, none of whom have a designated role in IT management (including but not limited to the organization’s use of Salesforce).

Proposal Deliverables

MITA seeks a consultant who can work with MITA staff to achieve the following:

Staff-Consultant Review Process

* Review the current status of MITA’s Salesforce records, our record keeping process, and the architecture of the records and workflows built into our system.

* Review with staff the ways in which the data is used to facilitate MITA’s stewardship work, our membership & outreach activities, and MITA’s fundraising efforts. Explore ways in which staff currently face bottlenecks or other operational obstacles.

* Review MITA’s goals for streamlining records and processes in such a way that will optimize use of batch data entry and automated payment integration, as well as facilitate general ease of use and help clean up improperly catalogued data.

* Review with staff the means to facilitate integration of web forms for direct entry of information.

Implementation of Salesforce Modifications

* Develop with MITA staff a set of recommended modifications to MITA’s Salesforce instance.

* Perform all necessary changes in the workflows underlying MITA’s records to achieve the modifications. They may identify certain elements of this work that can be done by MITA staff on a limited basis as the contractor completes changes in the underlying structure.  

* Provide documentation of all changes made, and train MITA staff in any new features and procedures. Deliver clear documentation for MITA staff to learn the new record keeping procedures, including a quality control process for review of records impacted by any payment integration, batch data entry, or direct-to-contact entry from web-based forms.

Follow Up

* Provide information regarding availability for future work with MITA and further training for MITA staff on an as-needed basis.

RFP Process

Submit your proposal along with the names and contact information for three client references by February 12th, 2019 to  The successful contractor should expect to begin work with MITA as soon as possible after the selection process has been completed. Questions may be directed to Madison Moran at or 207-761-8225.