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Adopt an Island

Island Adopters are volunteers who help by monitoring a particular island (or islands), going out in their own boats as their schedules allow. They check island conditions, help pick up debris, interact with other island visitors to promote low-impact use, and report back to MITA staff about their visits. Island reports from adopters are valuable in helping inform MITA’s end-of-season reports to island owners. To report a visit, Adopters can:

–Submit an Online Island Stewardship Log
–Email observations to

For over 35 years, MITA has operated on the premise that the islands are best cared for by those who use them, and Adopters are key in carrying out this mission of volunteer-driven stewardship. The program is a great fit for anyone who has access to a boat and is looking for a reason to get out!

If you are interested in becoming an Island Adopter, you can contact our Regional Stewardship Managers at to find out what islands in your area need adopting!