Maine Island Trail Association

America's first water trail
Created, protected, and enjoyed by people who love the coast of Maine.

The Maine Island Trail

Boaters of all kinds are invited to discover the coast of Maine through the Maine Island Trail, a water trail that winds through the spectacular wild islands from Kittery to the Canadian Maritimes. Whatever craft you choose, the Maine Island Trail has something for you!

Through member support, MITA creates opportunities for people to connect with and care for the coast of Maine and its many wild islands. Visitation and direct stewardship of the islands is good for the coast, good for the people who go there, and encompasses many aspects of a healthy human spirit: happiness, laughter, reflection, peace, serenity, hopefulness, and more.

MITA is proud to promote its unique model of thoughtful use and volunteer stewardship for wild Maine islands. We hope you'll join us and the many like-minded people who keep the Trail, and the islands, alive and well.

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