Great Island Trash-Off

The Great Island Trash-Off is now over! Thank you for your participation — we appreciate you!

For over 30 years, MITA has been based on the idea that stewardship of the Trail can be entrusted to the people who use it.

In keeping with this tradition, we present the Great Island Trash-Off! As you travel the Trail this summer, collect and remove the trash you find during your island visits. Snap a photo of you and your haul, upload the photo using the form below, and earn a chance to win a lifetime MITA membership and a $100 gift certificate to L.L.Bean!

The Details:

-Every submission (i.e. each trash haul you document) earns you another chance at the grand prize.

-Clean what you can on your outings, but remember you get points for submitting your picture, not for getting the biggest haul of trash. If there are large items of debris or more than you can tackle, let MITA’s stewardship staff know, at stewards@mita.org. They can organize a work party to clean it up!

-Make sure to leave fishing gear (e.g. traps & buoys) – focus on the plastic and foam. No piece of trash is too small!

-If you use social media, tag us! @maineislandtrail on Facebook and @meislandtrail on Instagram.

-The MITA staff may choose to share your photo submissions on MITA’s social media or emails to promote the Challenge. If you don’t want to share your photos, please let us know with your submission.

-The Trash-off will end on September 30th. The winner of the drawing will be announced on October 1st.

Thanks for doing you part to care for the wild islands of Maine! Happy exploring!

Trash Challenge Photo Submission