Nauti(cal) Dogs

Introducing the Nauti Dogs of the Maine Island Trail!

Well, the nautical dogs. We’ve heard they are all good boys and girls. These photos were sent to us by their owners in response to a call for nautically named pups. Thank you for your submissions!

Chesapeake, very serious but also handsome.

Coast, always ready for adventure.

Gretel, named after an Australian America’s Cup Yacht.

Navigator, piloting her dinghy near Seal Bay, Vinalhaven.

Parker, named after a boat. Also thought to be part seal.

Rudder and Bosun, very patriotic and looking for snacks.

Salty, very tired after a long day lobstering.

Seaside Scamper, known to search for treasure on island shorelines.

Seguin, always ready to help you dock.

We would be remiss not to mention the nautically named felines!

Schooner, crew on a Cape Dory 31.

Queequeg, named after the Moby Dick character