Recorded Virtual Events

Here is a list of the recorded virtual events. They appear in the order they appeared live, so the most recent events will be at the bottom.

If you have any trouble, please let us know!

Lunch & Learn with Doug Welch: A Galapagos Adventure

Lunch & Learn with Dan Carr: Tips and Tricks of Expedition Paddling

Here is a link to the accompanying slides.

Lunch & Learn with ecomaine: Where Does Your Waste Go?

Lunch & Learn with Maine Sea Grant: Seaweed Foraging and Pressing Tips

Unfortunately, this recording experienced a malfunction. However, the slides from this presentation are below. If you have any questions regarding seaweed, please contact Jaclyn directly at

Lunch & Learn with John Huth: Weather by the Seat of Your Pants

The videos had to be taken out of these slides in order to be uploaded. If you would like to watch the videos, please watch the Vimeo link to John’s presentation above.

Lunch & Learn with Maine Audubon: Seabirds in the Gulf of Maine

Lunch & Learn: Intro to the Maine Island Trail

Working and Playing on the Maine Coast

Project 20/20 Artist Talk with Matthew Russ

Artist Talk

Live Q&A

Annual Meeting and Volunteer Celebration

Fastest Sea Kayak Traverse: Maine Coast