Frequently Asked Questions


The Maine Island Trail mobile app is free to download, but only members can access all of the information. The publicly listed sites are viewable by all, but only current members can see the privately-held sites. When members join/renew, they receive a passcode via email to unlock all the privately-owned sites.

Invalid passcode/passcode doesn’t work:
•  Make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of the app. Email info@mita.org to confirm which version of the app you should have and go to the Settings section of the app to verify.
•  Both the email and passcode are case sensitive, so make sure that both are in lowercase and exactly how they appear in your passcode email.
•  Try to type in the passcode instead of copying & pasting, since sometimes that will add spaces to your login information and cause the invalid passcode error.
•  If all of these do not address the issue, email info@mita.org or call the office at 207-761-8225 and we would be happy to assist you!

I can’t see everything on the app: 
•  If you are a current member and do not see all the sites on the app or see “Sign In to View” tiles, you have likely not entered the passcode yet. Follow the steps below to enter.

How do I enter the passcode: 
•  From All Topics go to > Camping > Any region > and see if there is “Sign In To View” on some of the tiles. Click on any of the tiles that has the “Sign In” message, then select sign in, and enter the information as it appears from your app passcode email. The box should disappear once it works – you only need to enter the passcode once.

How do I request/reset my passcode:
•  To request a passcode: email info@mita.org and one will be sent to you.
•  To reset a passcode: There is no current way to reset a passcode. If the one you were sent doesn’t work or you can’t find it, email info@mita.org for guidance!

Membership with MITA

To view more detail about the benefits of membership, click here. If you have more questions, email membership@mita.org or call the office at 207-761-8225.

What’s the difference between membership levels?

*Additional unique passcodes for the Maine Island Trail Mobile App are available upon request. If you have purchased a family membership, email info@mita.org with the name and email address of the other family member you wish to request a passcode for.

Please note that you can log in to multiple devices using the same passcode, so you can share your passcode with other family members. However, through the App you can track which islands you have visited and create your own unique bookmarks. Having multiple passcodes for each family member allows them to track their own island visits and customize their bookmarks.

So what’s the real differences between individual and family memberships?
•  Impact on the Trail. If you plan to use the Trail as a family or group, we ask that your level of support for MITA’s stewardship programs, through your membership dollars, matches your impact on the islands.

Can I have an extra Guidebook?
•  Current members may have an extra copy of the Guide mailed to them or can arrange to pick it up in the office. Please call the office at 207-761-8225 or email info@mita.org to facilitate this. If you would like it mailed, please consider donating $5 towards the mailing and staff time.

Traveling the Trail

Are there reservations for the islands?
•  The vast majority of islands are first-come, first-served. There are a small number of exceptions, which are indicated in the Guide and app.

Is there fresh water available on the Trail?
•  There is no fresh water available on the islands and most mainland sites. Plan to pack fresh water and make mainland stops to refill water.

Does MITA organize trips?
•  MITA provides information about how to access the islands, but we leave trip planning and execution to you or your guide. One great way to visit the islands is to volunteer with us. There is no cost to volunteer and we provide the boat! Various guides and outfitters also provide discounted trips for MITA members each summer. Check out mita.org/events as summer approaches to see what trips are happening.
•  Check out the list of member benefits for discounts with kayak outfitters/guides, moorings, and other Trail-related gear. For kayak experiences in particular, click here for a comprehensive list of guides and outfitters for Maine (via the Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors).
•  Join the MITA Meetup! If you are interested in meeting other MITA enthusiasts and want to go on the Trail, MITA maintains a MITA Meetup site for members and non-members to plan trips together. Click here to view the site!