A Call to Oars!

For 32 years the Maine Island Trail has relied on its grassroots membership to care for Maine’s wild islands. In normal years we often mobilize groups of volunteers to work on the islands together. In this Coronavirus season, however, group-based activities may not be possible. Instead, we will rely heavily on individuals to conduct stewardship work using their own boats.  We’re calling this effort A Call to Oars!”   

We are asking every MITA member who is an active boater in Maine to consider being part of this important stewardship challenge. 

It’s pretty simple: 

1. Download the MITA App 

2. Visit islands where you can do so safely

3. Bring a trash bag ashore and remove any marine debris that you can

4. Snap a photo of your crew in action

5. Submit your photo and a brief report about your visit at MITA.org/report. (Even if there is little for you to report, it’s important for island owners to know that you were there!)   

.…and repeat!

A Call to Oars promises to be a fun, rewarding challenge for every MITA member.  (Who knows, maybe you’ll want to take it a step further and become an Island Adopter?)  And this effort is so important that we’ll give a free first-time digital membership to anyone who participates.  So PLEASE let other Maine boaters you know about this initiative.   

Questions?  Email us at info@mita.org

Whether you sail, power, or paddle, we hope you’ll be part of A Call to Oars!