Business Partnership With MITA

How your business can get involved

A business partnership with MITA demonstrates your business’s commitment to the access and stewardship of Maine’s wild islands. It also connects you to the largest recreational boating organization in Maine and one of National Geographic Adventures’ “50 Best American Adventures.”

For more details regarding a business partnership, please contact Jordi St. John at jordi@mita.org or fill out this form.


You can download this information in PDF format here.

Business Membership:

Small businesses and nonprofit or educational organizations can also support MITA. Unlike sponsors, business members do not receive promotional consideration.

$250 Business Member: 8 complimentary memberships
Unlimited memberships at 20% off
MITA business supporter color poster
$100 Business Member: 3 complimentary memberships
Unlimited memberships at 10% off
MITA business supporter color poster

In-Kind Service Providers – Marine Industries and Retail:

With a fleet of eight boats and two tow vehicles to operate and maintain, MITA benefits from its relationship with several marine-related service providers. Additionally, retailers have offered in-kind gift cards for select MITA awardees and contest winners.

Group Service Days:

MITA offers a limited number of corporate volunteer opportunities, with a meaningful and fun way to do community service as a team. Ideal group size for most projects is 5-10 people. The volunteer calendar fills quickly, so please contact us with plenty of advance notice.

Member Benefits:

An extensive program of local business discounts offered to MITA members. MITA publicizes member benefits in various communications annually. See the member benefits page.

Auction Items:

Splash!, MITA’s boating season kickoff party, features a silent auction. MITA seeks mission-relevant auction items that are unique, adventurous, and substantial.

To get started with a business partnership with MITA, please fill out this form.


Thank you for supporting MITA's mission! We will follow up with you by phone or email as soon as possible.